DWBHshirts & 1st grader Bailey, Cancer Survivor, with her teacher Terry Squires and friends

Michael-Michelle (left), Bailey (Center) and Viviana (right) in front of  teacher,  Terry Squires

The back drop is our rain forest for open house.

Thank you Kevin for inspiring us with your life, dreams and your legacy.  Without your fight to find the cure for cancer and giving us the inspiration to keep fighting, more children like my Bailey (The middle one smiling) would not be alive to say she is a survivor.  Through your dedication and your families love for you, many people like Bailey can be saved.  Thank you for smiling down on us and giving us hope!!!
Terry Squires

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  • Leslie Tiede:

    My daughter is Michael~Michelle – pictured on the left with Mrs. Squires and Bailey Brown (Cancer survivor)….

    I just wanted to say that I am laundering my daughters shirt as I type this…and found the very inspirational AMAZING tribute to Kevin “INSIDE OF THE SHIRT”!!!!!

    What a phenominal way to honor him! Subtle – and I’m wondering how many actually do not see it for a long period of time.

    We lost a dear dear dear friend to GBM4 on March 20th, 2006. He was diagnosed at 33 and made it to his youngest sons 1st birthday. He didn’t go the traditional route, and chose alternative treatment as well….

    To live for SIX YEARS with this horrendous monster….is quite frankly – surprising to me, as well as indicitive (sp) of Kevin’s “spirit”, “fight”, “will to live” and love for his family.

    He sounds like an AMAZING man…..and I just wanted to say “wow” and thank you.

    It happens to be one of our daughter’s favorite shirts right now, and it has become mine for a different reason.

    Kevin will live on in many because of this “faded blue t-shirt” with a message so strong.


  • admin:

    Thank You Leslie! We are trying to get our shirts out in the public eye. We hope to cheer up those affected with Cancer, other life threatening illnesses and their family and friends.
    Do you notice the looks and smiles Michael-Michele gets when wearing the shirt? Aren’t the response is truly amazing ?
    Our message doesn’t stop there, we are finding many people affected in a positive way with Kevin’s message and grateful for all we have and those we love. To hold those dear to us, close and remember to be grateful for everyday we have together.
    Please pass along our website to anyone you know that would like a shirt or to look at our blog and help us reach our goal! DWBHshirts.com
    Our mission is to raise awareness of positive thinking while raise money for the doctors that are reaching amazing milestones in cancer research. Like Dr Liao and her Vaccine that Kevin was a part of , or the clinical trials at Phase One , or Dr Cloughesy that treated specifically Kev’s type of GBM4 and Love Hope Strengths mission of opening cancer centers all over the world…

    Do you know any one else affected by cancer that would benefit from our shirt and message?
    If so, PLEASE pass along our link to them or someone that may want to get them a shirt.

    We will be starting a campaign to give a shirt a week away to cheer up someone directly touched.

    Watch on our blog, or if you are on facebook, become a fan at DWBHshirts.com
    or opt in for email updates.

    MaryAnn ( Kev’s Aunt)