Custom Purple DWBHshirts ~ Great birthday present

Brenna Rodieck wearing her favorite birthday present from Aunty Jules!!  A custom!!  GREAT gift idea!!  Thank You for the picture Brenna!!

4th of July celebrations in Colorado with

Ro Giuliano in her Brown v neck and her friends at a 4th Of July celebration in Colorado!!!  GREAT pics Ro!  Thank You !! in Santa Barbara

The CHAPLUK family.  Kevin’s Uncle Greg and  Aunt Janet, Cousins Geoff, Mary, family friend Brett, Jakey, Jacqui, Ethan, Jacob, Genna, Jason and Randi on vacation in Santa Barbara.  We are thinking of Kevin and spreading Kev’s optimism in Santa Barbara and sharing smiles.

Josh Duhamel of Transformers wears

Actor, Josh Duhamel, of Transformers wear his “Don’t Worry Be Happy Kevin Carlberg “shirt while he works out!!

Josh Duhamel with a fan.  Josh LOVES his and WE LOVE JOSH!!

Thank You Josh for helping spread Kevin’s optimism!!! @ NoHoPAC 7/30/10 7:30 pm for Trycia Carlberg

t will have a booth at NoHo PAC.  Come out and see us and support Trycia!!

Ben Corns in

Another friend of Trycia showing his love and support thru You  also can help us support Trycia and other cancer patients by purchasing y0ur “Don’t Worry Be Happy Kevin Carlberg ” shirt today

Happy Birthday Kevin’s cousins, Rexie Elder and Stephanie Chapluk

Happy 27th Birthday to Kevins’s cousin, Rexie Elder

Happy Birthday to Kevin’s other cousin, Stephanie Chapluk!!

It is a Busy family day!  ALSO Happy Birthday to Kevin’s Aunty Nancy Chapluk Zadoff !

We hope you ALL have a Wonderful day!!!  Much Love at over 10,000 feet in Colorado

Jennifer Rhodes

Hello friend….here I am at over 10,000 feet in Colorado…..

I think it is amazing that you are doing this to honor your son.

Sending you a warm hug – had to wear my Yankee hat too!



Happy Birthday Dad, Granddaddy, Dr.Bill Chapluk. We miss you!

William Chapluk ( Kevin’s maternal grandfather)   7/18/26  ~  4/13/90

Happy Birthday !!  We miss you Dad, Granddaddy and as many called you ~ Bill and Dr Chapluk!

You are missed dearly.  ” To Live In Hearts We leave Behind, Is Not to die. ”    You are in ALL of our hearts.

We know you are celebrating today with Duane,  Kevin and Charlie!!  We Love you. MA, Meagan, Jules and Barbara and all of the Chapluk / Carlberg families at naptime!

Kennedy ( Brenda Ives granddaughter) and Sheri White taking a Don’t Worry Be Happy theme nap.

Thank You Sheri and Brenda for the pics