Brittany Luper and Chelsea Toro

From Brittany Luper
Thank you for my “Don’t worry be happy” shirt. What a special tribute to Kevin. I am going to tour europe this upcoming summer and the first thing I pack will be my new shirt. I am honored to wear the shirt in every city I visit and send you the pictures.
Love always,Brittany

From Chelsea Toro
I LOVE MY DWBH SHIRT! I wear it all the time! I alway catch myself wearing it to class. So many people stop me saying ” I lOVE YOUR SHIRT” , ” THATS SO TRUE” , or the best “MAN WHY CANT THERE BE MORE PEOPLE LIKE THAT”! When i wear my shirt i seem to forget what shirt i have on until someone says something and whenever someone say something about the shirt it brings the biggest smile to my face. Kevin’s shirt has made my first semester of college the best experience ever! Whenever i start something new i always wear my DWBH shirt because i know i can get through anything with the positive thought of ” DONT WORRY BE HAPPY ” 🙂 xoxo Chels

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