Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times and

Hi Mina,

Here are a couple pictures of me wearing my DWBH gear.

I first met Kevin at UCLA when I lived next door to him and the Pseudopod gang.  He became one of my dearest friends and I’ll always remember going to their shows, selling their cd’s and the endless nights laughing with them on their balcony or singing at the top of our lungs to random songs on the radio.  After we graduated our lives kind of drifted but we kept in touch here and there.

Over the past 8 summers I have volunteered at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, a sleep-away camp for children with cancer and their siblings.  (  I remember chatting with Kevin after his diagnosis about the camp and he said he would love to come and visit, even just to play a couple songs for the kids.  Unfortunately, our lives got in the way and we were never able to make that happen.

I was devastated to hear of Kevin’s passing last year.  Through my work with Camp Good Times, I’ve learned that cancer is a brutal, vicious and non-discriminating disease.  The world has lost too many people due to cancer and when it strikes a child or a young person, it hurts even more.  I have also learned, however, that each day is a choice.  I don’t have control over what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow and all I really have is NOW.  How am I going to live today?  I choose to laugh as much as possible and live my life to the fullest because I am constantly reminded that too many people don’t have that choice.

So I wear my DWBH shirts to honor my old friend, Kevin, and also to remind myself that today is ours.


Melissa Lee

“No longer forward nor behind,

I look in hope and fear.

But grateful take the good I find,

the best of now and here.”

-John G. Whittier

ps- The pictures were taken at our camp fundraiser in March and at our camp with an amazing cancer warrior in August!

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