Happy 28th Birthday, DWBHshirts warrior, Liz Lord!

Today is Liz’s 28th Birthday! Please send her postive thoughts and prayers that she is feeling better also! ‘
Buy a shirt in Liz’s name or tax deductible donation and help pay Liz’s medical bills !!

Jenny DuBois in France supporting Liz Lord

Thank You Jenny for supporting Liz and spreading DWBHshirts message all over the world!!

DWBHshirts brings DWBH warriors families together in the Caribbean

Hi Mina,

My name is Julie and I am Liz Lord’s second mama (Casey’s mom).  I’ve got tons of your DWBH shirts and have passed your website onto many friends.  But something truly amazing happened a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to share with you…..

My guy and I were down in the Grenadine Islands (very south Caribbean) getting ready to take a 10 day sailing vacation.  We were on the small island of St. Vincent, at an even smaller sailboat charter company called Barefoot, when I saw a man wearing a DWBH t-shirt come walking up the dock.  Of course I had to stop him and we shared stores about our “warriors” Liz Lord and Jennifer Randolph.  We chatted about them and our sailing, then went our ways.  

But about 10 minutes later his wife, Jodi, found me in the restaurant and introduced herself.  There seemed to be an instant bond between the two of us — women who love our warriors so much and yet met in the middle of the caribbean ocean because of a t-shirt!  She said she had brought some tees with her to take pictures throughout her sail, then handed me one of her shirts.  She said to take pictures for Liz in the shirt and let her know that she’s always in my heart.  I cannot tell you how special that was.  I did take her shirt, and had soooo much fun taking pictures everywhere — staging the “I am the king of the world” shot from the Titanic, staging shots in the dinghy, etc.  Every time I pulled out that shirt and took a snapshot, I thought of Liz, of Jennifer, of Jodi and of you, Mina.  How your website and shirts are not only supporting our loved warriors, but making heartfelt connections around the world.  Thank you for that.  And thank you again, Jodi, for reminding me that we are all connected.  

Here are some of the fun shots of me in Jodi’s shirt, loving Liz.  

Keep up the great work, Mina. 

Julie Liz Lord’s warrior page  Jennifer Randolph’s warrior page

A visit from DWBHshirts warrior, LIZ LORD

We had the pleasure yesterday of a special visit from the Lovely Liz Lord. 

See Liz’s warrior page on our website  We are hoping to help Liz get her All Terrain wheelchair with your help!!  DWBHshirts make a GREAT Holiday gift idea!  Buy your shirt today!

Meet two of DWBHshirts favorite boys, the M brothers

 Meet “B’ and his little brother, “S. D. “.  Thank You to Lindsay and  family for all of your support and love for DWBHshirts warriors.






DWBHshirts on NBC Sports @ PGA Golf Tournament

 I work with NBC Sports and cover mainly PGA Tour golf.  I took this at the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass during a practice round at The Players Championship last week. 

Hope it finds you well.  Thanks again for what you’re doing.  My blessings to Liz Lord and everyone else battling. 

          Best regards,

Liz Lord takes her Dont Worry Be Happy shirt and attitude everywhere she goes

Liz Lord and Casey are busy Living and enjoying life with their Dont Worry Be Happy shirts in Kauia.  We Love you Liz Lord!!

Dont Worry Be Happy shirts in Melbourne Florida

Here I am wearing my Battle of the Bays DWBH shirt in support of Liz Lord at my home in Melbourne, Florida. I wear this shirt EVERY time I go run (which is every weekday). When I run people always ask me about it and I am eager to explain it’s meaning. I tried to tag the pic on my fb with your page but I am unsure how. So, feel free to post it on there. (: I bought bracelets for my three kids, my boyfriend, and myself and as soon as I get a pic of all of us wearing one, I’ll send it.

Thank you!!


DWBHshirts and Oncology Youth Connection support Liz Lord

Hi Mina,

“We love the shirts. I have individual pictures of Grant and myself wearing them. I will send along more pictures once I get the group together at the event which will be in two weeks. Thanks again for all you do, please know that it is appreciated. “~ Olivia

Take a look at the Oncology Youth Connection in Oregon where Olivia and Grant work.  Oncology Youth Connection (OYC) was created to support adolescent and young adult cancer survivors by helping promote healthy physical, psychological and social development following their cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Dont Worry Be Happy shirts in Gresham Oregon supporting Liz

Cameron Boaz and Ali Wise in Gresham, Oregon supporting DWBHshirts warrior Liz Lord.

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