Cousin Lauren and Aunty "The"

From Cousin Lauren ~ My dad and Aunt Barbara had purchased tickets to see Tom Petty play at the Hollywood bowl. After making the trip out to LA Barbara suggested that we walk to a sushi place right by Kevin’s place. After sitting for a few minutes and ordering every one started to talk about music and concert experiences. In a huge effort to impress Kevin, whom I had always looked up to, I nodded along and piped up whenever I even remotely knew what they were talking about and could offer some insight. While on the subject of Tom Petty Kevin told us that he had seen him a few times but had always wished the Tom would sing, “my sister got lucky married a yuppie,” he sang in his beautiful voice, and without a second thought my dad and Barbara joined in, “took him for all he was worth.” Not having any idea what song that was a quickly took out my phone under the table and typed the lyrics into Google. After a minute, and onto a completely different subject, I said, “Oh man, I have always wanted to hear Tom Petty sing Yer So Bad.” Now I had never seen Tom Petty play live nor did I have ANY idea what song Yer So Bad was. We watched the concert and with every song that started I listened for that opening line. Although he never played that song I went home and straight to itunes where I downloaded that whole album and listened to it on repeat for the next few days hoping to have the chance to have a conversation with him about music. Kevin gave me a new appreciation for music and he is one of the main reasons I am such an avid lover of music. His words and melodies live on in our hearts and continue to inspire us every day. We love and miss you Kevin.
xoxo Lauren

Miss you Kevin xo Aunty Therese

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