Amy Wheeler

Age 40
Single mother of 3
DCIS breast cancer

UPDATE on Amy Wheeler:
While undergoing reconstructive surgery a few days before Christmas, the surgeon found a different type of cancerous tumor on the opposite breast:  adenocarcinoma.  Amy is scheduled for a second mastectomy on Jan 26th and is awaiting news on possibly more aggressive treatment options.  Please help Amy while she finishes this marathon of beating cancer, buy a DWBHshirts in Amy’s name or donate here for a tax deduction.


Background: Amy Wheeler is a 40 year old single mother of 3 children: Matt age 12, and twin girls, Elizabeth and Maria age 10. She lives in Angola, Indiana and works in marketing for a wheelchair manufacturer. Amy is facing this challenge as she has in all of her life challenges – with optimism, humor, and strength. While Amy is unselfishly more interested in the donation to cancer research made by DWBH shirt purchases, the fact is that taking time off of work on a single income for the multiple surgeries over the next few months will be a financial hardship on her family. Please spread the word that proudly purchasing a DWBH shirt in Amy’s name is a direct way that friends, family, and total strangers can share their love and support for Amy.

Personal Story: Amy had no symptoms whatsoever, and went for a routine mammogram in May of 2011. After being told the results were abnormal, a biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) in the left breast. After consultations with oncologists and plastic surgeons, the options of radiation or mastectomy were given. Amy made the tough decision to have a single mastectomy on July 21, 2011, with multiple reconstructive surgeries to both breasts to be expected through the end of the year. While the prognosis for her recovery is excellent, losing a breast is an emotionally draining and frightening experience that no woman should experience.