Eva (the Diva) Garcia

8 Months
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L)

Hi my name is Eva Guadalupe Garcia. I was born October 2010. I have a big sister, Jisselle, and Mom Luz and Dad, Rudy that I know love me very much.

I was never an ordinary newborn. I was always awake, trying to look around, smiling and attempting to talk to my family. When I was about 2 months old I started to feel weaker and went from eating 5oz of milk every 4 hours to hardly being able to keep 2oz down. After a few days of not eating well and not being my happy active self my mommy started to worry. Mommy took me in to see my pediatrician January 13, 2011…she’s an awesome doctor. Right away she sent me to get some x-rays and some blood work done (man did that hurt!!), just to be on the safe side. She thought maybe I had some anemia going on because I had gotten pale. After my tests I went home to relax. Later that night at around 6:30pm the doctor called my mom. She was worried that the x-rays showed that my liver was a bit enlarged and my blood work had come back a little weird. She told mommy to take me to the emergency room at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Just as a precaution she wanted them to do an echo on my liver to make sure it was ok and take some further blood tests (ouchy-ouch!!). Well, once the results came in…I knew it was bad when I saw my mom and dad’s faces leaking. Doctors said my white blood cells were very high and my red cells along with my platelet’s were very low. They said I needed to be transfused right away and that these were a sign of Leukemia. I got rushed into the OICU that night and well…I never left. After a couple days they confirmed that I now have Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) very common in children but rare in infants. I am on chemo. I have my bad days but lots of good ones too! I love to smile and play, I’m behind on my growing milestones but I know I’ll get there soon. I had TONS of hair that has now fallen off, but I still look very cute as a bald baby 🙂

I hear everyone always saying how strong and brave I am…I think so too, and so are all the other cancer kids having to go through all this to survive. I’ll be turning 8 months and have been a patient here at CHOC since I got diagnosed…I hear that HOME is a lot better. I am lucky to be surrounded with wonderful nurses and doctors that have tried their best to keep me happy and comfy while I’m here fighting this battle.

My father was in the AirForce and served our country but now he’s out and has a regular job. My mom is unemployed. My mom spends all of her time visiting me and still trying to take care of my sister too. Things are financially really hard on my family because of my leukemia. Please help us out and buy some Don’t Worry be Happy shirts to relieve the stress that my parents are always under. I’d like them not to worry and be happy.