Jill Anderson

38 Married mother of 2
Stage 4 Breast Cancer/ metastasized Bone Cancer of spine


My name is Jill Selga Anderson and I am 38 years old. My phenomenal and best husband in the world, Todd Anderson, and I have been married 15 years. We have two amazing children. Jared is 10 years old and loves playing football, baseball and soccer. Our petite princess, Lauren, is 8 years old and a natural at gumnastics. I am a Registered Nurse specializing in Pediatric ICU and a Pediatric Sub-Acute for Chronic Care Children for the last 16 years. Healing, curing, fixing, nurturing and caring for babies, children and their families is what I do, what my passion is. Today, it is on hold because I have Stage 4 Cancer, originally breast cancer now metastasized to bone cancer all along my spine and I have another fight of my life ahead of me.


I was 35 years old and it was the first week of July in 2008. I felt a tiny pea sized ball on my left breast but it wasn’t bothering me & I knew I had an appointment with my GYN within a week. Well, that next week, my GYN told me it was probably ” my breast becoming lumpy in preparation of me starting my period.” I told her that it’s never happened before and that it was hard NOT lumpy. She instructed me to “just keep an eye on it”.

Within one week, the pea sized ball grew so fast that I actually could feel it whenever I would roll over or lay on my belly. It was Thursday, July 31st, 2008, the soonest Kaiser could see me for this hard now walnut sized ball on my left breast. My internal medicine doctor immediately sent me to their Breast Center as a STAT walk in. They did a mammogram but wouldn’t let me get dressed. The doctor came to speak with me & asked if I had “time today to do a series of tests”. Immediately I knew something was wrong. This is KAISER for goodness sake, it takes weeks to get stuff done here & now they’re rushing everything. They proceeded to do an ultrasound and a core biopsy (not the standard needle aspiration). I was sent home with instructions to not worry & results will be in early next week.

The VERY next day, Friday, August 1st, in literally less than 24 hours, the Breast Center doctor called me at home & told me the biopsy results confirm that I have breast cancer. She proceeded to tell me that she had already made me an appointment with the surgeon and I was his very first appointment on Monday. Again, things were moving fast…So Todd and I met the surgeon on Monday, and were overwhelmed that he had already booked my lumpectomy this that same week on Friday. Unfortunately, the doctor couldn’t get any clean lines upon removal of the tumor so I ended up have a double mastectomy. In the end, I survived 20 weeks of chemo and beat cancer with the help of my amazing family and all my friends.

This year, March 18th, 2011, I was diagnosis with Stage 4 Breast Cancer that has Mets to Bone Cancer all along my spine. Todd, the kids, my family, friends & I are devastated. I have cancer in my cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral areas. The tumor on my L2 is so large it ate away most of that part of my spine and cause a spinal fracture. I completed 5 straight days of emergency radiation because one of the tumors was causing me to have paralysis of my legs. I am currently in the throes of chemo and struggling every day.

One would think, “I’ve done this before. Piece of cake.” But this second time around is much more difficult. In 2008, I never had a doubt that I’d beat cancer & come out of it kicking & screaming victoriously. Today, with the knowledge I was only able to remain cancer free for 2 years, along with the combined bone cancer pain with the spinal fracture pain, it’s much more of a challenge for me to hang on to my fight, but I will beat cancer again. I take it one day at a time. I have found that if I find something BEAUTIFUL and find something funny for LAUGTHER every day and sharing it with my family during diner helps. My goal is to be cancer free and in time help and care for others, where they have cancer or not.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, will never be enough for all the love, support and prayers from Todd, Jared, Lauren, my continuously giving and best siblings (Judy, Jane, Jose and Jerrie), amazing friends and neighbors, The care-packages, dinners, prayer chains, inspirational books and visits to boost my moral have made all the difference in my world & fight for victory…..I LOVE YOU ALL…

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