The Power of a DWBH T-Shirt

A simple t-shirt with words on it might not seem like powerful and motivating tool for someone with cancer, but clearly there are other ways to view that. My Dad, Max Larios, was never a T-shirt kind of guy…especially if it had writing and sayings on it. When we explained to him what and who DWBH was and what they were doing for him, he was very grateful and appreciative. He wore his t-shirt proudly when he went to radiation and around the house. The family and I found it adorable and a bit shocking that he never complained about his shirt. The best part of the whole experience for my Dad was when we would show him pictures of family and friends in their own shirts they had purchased to show their support. Friends and Family from Florida, Ohio, Texas and all over were supporting him and our family from miles and miles away. People we had not spoken to in months…people we would have NEVER thought would ever buy a shirt were sending and posting pictures of themselves in their shirts. I cannot even explain the look of joy and appreciation my Dad had each time we showed him a picture. “Thank You” is all that he would say to our phones and computers, as if the person could hear him. It was nice for him to see he was not alone on this bumpy road. It was nice for our family to know that we were not alone and we had so much support out there. The Power of a simple T-shirt has so much meaning…and for that I am positive my Dad and family will forever be very grateful. Please buy your DWBH shirt to show your support and help brighten up a warrior and their family’s day.