Tammy Tomlin

41, Single Mother
Invasive Breast Cancer

Hi my name is Tammy Tomlin. I’m 41 and the single parent of a beautiful 8 year old daughter Sierra . We live in Canyon Lake, CA. I’ve been getting mammograms since my daughter was two years old. In August of 2010, I had a mammogram and was told there was some density that needed to be followed up with an ultrasound. So I did and was told it was fine. They just asked me to follow up in six months. However, in October of the same year I felt a very hard little lump, the size of a pea, on the far left side of my breast close to my arm pit. I did nothing until late January when they tried to aspirate it. Having no success they immediately biopsied it. The very next day they called and said I had invasive breast cancer.

Since that I have had both breasts removed and presently undergoing four rounds of chemotherapy. I have lost all my hair which I will say has been the hardest for me. I know it will grow back but it is still hard anyway. So what I have learned out of this is do self breast exams always………..

Being a single Mom I don’t have the luxury of staying home to rest and heal. As the sole breadwinner I have to work or there is no income. Unfortunately I don’t have either disability insurance or a backlog of sick time. The chemo treatments have been so intense that I get too sick and nauseous to even try to go in to work. I have been skipping chemo to try to put in enough hours to pay the bills. Somehow in America I find myself having to choose between working and healing to be able to raise my daughter.

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