Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts helps Patrick survive testicular cancer

Patrick wearing your DWBH shirt. Patrick is in the midst of treatments for testicular cancer and recently had an emergency appendectomy.  Patrick and his friend Ryan (he owns Sports Nutrition shop on 17th street in Costa Mesa, His wife is a breast survivor!! ).

He loves the T-Shirt and wears it all the time, especially when he has his 5 day chemo @ Hoag Cancer Day Center! He has brought many smiles to other Cancer patients. We really enjoyed talking with you and loved Kevin’s legacy!  Patrick is surviving, but has his good and bad days! He is half way through chemo and our target date is to be done sometime right before Thanksgiving! (What a gift that will be!!!)

Thank you Angela for sending us this picture and we are sending lots of love and prayers for healing.  We hope to be adding Patrick to our fundraiser page and helping his family soon!!

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