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Trycia’s Background

Trycia Carlberg is 35 years old and currently living with her parents in San Clemente, CA. She is a recently divorced, professional dancer. Trycia was first diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in 2006 at the peak of her dance career. Two years later, after 2 lumpectomies, 4 rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, the cancer spread to her bones becoming a Stage IV. Since then, Trycia has gone through several rounds of radiation, ongoing chemo, stem cell therapy and a total of 8 surgeries for various bone fractures. Due to the pain, fatigue and lack of mobility from her recent spine and neck surgeries, she is unable to dance, drive and work altogether. We would like your help so Trycia can heal without financial worry and find happiness to be and stay well. Please show your support and help Trycia by purchasing a Don’t Worry, Be Happy shirt today.

Trycia’s Personal Story

On December 22, 2006, I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. As a professional dancer for over 15 years, I have always lived a healthy and active life. I have no history of breast cancer in my family, I was only 31 years old at the time and living a beautiful life in Santa Monica.

While rehearsing for my annual New Years Eve show, I painfully strained a muscle in my chest, or so I thought. During our breaks, I would massage the area and ended up discovering a lump. I immediately had all the necessary tests completed, but several days later it was determined to be cancer.

For the next 4 years my life became a gigantic rollercoaster. My world seemed to be falling apart at a rapid speed. My family and I were devastated, but determined to fight for as long as it would take to destroy this cancer completely.

In 2008, my mom discovered a doctor in Korea who seemed to be a pioneer in stem cell therapy. The doctor wanted me to get there as soon as possible to begin treatment, so just a couple DAYS after my wedding, my mom and I were on a plane to Korea. In Korea, I received stem cell therapy, DNA/Gene Therapy, Rising Star Healings, and a variety of other medications given to me by my Kaiser doctors. I did my best to combat the side effects by taking various supplements and eating a very healthy diet. When mom and I left Korea 36 days later, the cancer had vanished from my sternum bone, chest wall, lymph nodes and sacrum, but there was still a bit left in other areas of the bone. Nonetheless, we were ecstatic and I was ready to get back home and start life with my new husband.

I decided to switch up my treatment plan after Korea, going completely holistic. I transitioned to an alkaline diet, alternative treatments on a weekly basis of far-infared sauna, lymphatic massage, colonics, IV of sodium bicarbonate treatments, and herbal supplementation. However, the financial burden of this lifestyle became too much for a struggling new married couple to handle. In June 2009 I was in terrible pain again to the point I could not walk without help. A petscan showed that there were NEW lesions in the spine, femurs, hips and pelvis. For the entire next year I was in and out of the hospital. My husband and I decided to separate and I moved in with my parents in San Clemente. I went through 5 more major surgeries for bone fractures, lots of radiation, chemo and other cancer treatments.

It is now 2011 and although I am still battling this beast, I am feeling better and more positive each day. My body is still in pain from surgeries and it is difficult adjusting to this new life, but I know wellness will ultimately win. My goal is to maintain a complete balance of body, mind and spirit every moment of every day. I hope my journey will inspire others who are facing similar circumstances in their lives. If I could make it this far, others can too. And as my cousin Kevin always said, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy, and Get Busy Living!” I intend to do just that!

Thank you to God and all the Angels in my life for your ongoing support throughout these difficult years.


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