Happy Easter from DWBHshirts.com and Lauren in NYC LOVE

Lauren Chapluk ( Kevin’s cousin) and Connie

“Kevin has always been such a big inspiration. From the get go he was some one whom I admired and looked up to. He was always so care free and full of life. I remember one time in the middle of a serious speech he stopped and said that he wanted to sing a song. He started out, “beer, a beer, a real fine beer. Ray, the guy who gave me beer.” He had the whole crowd cracking up and some how was able to make hundreds of people feel light hearted and joyful just by singing one silly song! That is truly a great gift he had and all of us who have known and loved him were able to share as well are blessed. In the little quite moments his words and actions will inspire me in an amazing way and he lives on in our hearts forever and always.”

Love, Lauren

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