DWBHshirts new warrior, Alyx Holiday from Calvary Chapel,Yorba Linda

ALYX  HOLIDAY,  38 married mother of 3

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma ~ BREAST CANCER

Alyx’s Background Story:

Alyx is a married mother of three living in Yorba Linda, CA. Recently Alyx was a junior high English teacher at Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda. During her battle with breast cancer Alyx has taken a leave of absence from teaching to concentrate on her health and her family.

Alyx’s Personal Story:

I am 38 years old and was recently diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma. I was working out and though that I had pulled a muscle or something in my chest when I felt a strange lump. I swallowed my fear and made a doctor’s appointment to have it checked. The first doctor I went to see had difficulty isolating the lump so she called in another doctor to take a look. While they were both examining me a look passed between the two of them that made me nervous. They sent me to diagnostic testing for a mammogram and an ultrasound. At the appointment the mammogram technician gave me a hug so I knew I was in trouble. I had a biopsy which confirmed my worse suspicions that I definitely had cancer. My course of treatment involves chemotherapy first. I will do four cycles of Adriamycin and Cytoxan. Then I will do another four cycles of Taxotere. I will have a total of six months of chemotherapy followed by a double mastectomy and reconstruction. They will reevaluate after surgery whether or not my course of treatment will include radiation.

I plan to return to work next year and continue doing what I love best. I have the best family in the world and the most amazing students that I cannot wait to get back to. Getting cancer this young was a shock for me, but it is also a wake up call to appreciate the life we have been given. I believe that I will kick cancer in the booty.

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