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Update from Dino’s cousin Vicki below~

Hello all,

My cousin had a CT scan and PET scan last week, then a painful scoping procedure today and the result is a bit of good news: there is no visible sign of the tumor on the outside of the bladder anymore.  So between the surgery and the chemo, this has been successful, although the cancer is still present in the muscle tissue of the bladder.  Also, there were no signs of cancer on the two new growths on his lymph node and lung, thank God!  Two large cysts remain on his kidney, but the doctor feels these are not of concern.

The doctor has advised Richard/Dino to go ahead and schedule the bladder replacement surgery.  The tentative date is March 15 and he will be hospitalized for about 7 days, then will recover at home for about three months.  The doctor explained to us the various kinds of pain and inconvenience (which sounded pretty heavy-duty) my cousin will experience during this time, but he is mentally and spiritually prepared to meet this challenge.  We are waiting now for the surgery date to be confirmed, then my cousin will take a pre-op class at the hospital and then have xrays done in preparation for the surgery.  He’s extra motivated because he wants to be sure to accompany his daughter Samantha to her debutante ball in May. 

This week Richard’s nausea has subsided, thank God, and he looked much, much better than he did last week.  Thank you to everyone on the prayer chain who saw him through that painful experience this morning.  My cousin also asked me to be sure to thank everyone for continuing to pray for him.  He has found great strength in being a part of the prayer chain himself by praying for all of us each day.  Our family rejoices with him and we thank God for sustaining Dino through these rough days.

Love to all,


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