DWBHshirts will make you Happy like Ayden Smith!!


Almost 4 year old, Ayden Smith,  in his Don’t Worry Be Happy Shirt

Just wanted to let you know that Ayden’s shirt today totally made my day!  Having him wear it all day long, I just kept looking at him and thinking how lucky we are to be here and have all that we have!!  It truely made me “HAPPY” to see that blue shirt all day long!!  And tonight when we were putting Ayden to bed and he was saying his prayers, the last thing he said was “Please help us to be happy….and not to worry”!!!  Ahhh….it was the SWEETEST thing EVER!!!  I almost cried right then and there!!  I’m sure Kevin is loving seeing all these lives he is affecting!!  You guys are doing an amazing thing and I think those shirts will be changing people’s lives….even people that are never directly affected by cancer!!!  =)  THANK YOU for making my day happy!!! =) 

Love, Lindz Foss Smith  (Ayden’s Mom)

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