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Who are we?
Kevin Carlberg Who are we? DWBHshirts.com makes an extensive line of Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts that are a fundraising tribute to our nephew, Kevin Carlberg. Kevin was brain cancer survivor who lived much longer than expectations due to his happiness mind set he got from his DWBH shirt.
Why are we fundraising?
DWBH Shirts visiting Stephen Deputy, receiving treatment for cancer Why are we fundraising? Kevin was very active as a fundraiser for cancer research and we wanted to carry on that legacy. As time passed we saw how hard cancer can hit a family’s finances so we started helping cancer warriors directly. This opened the door to offering the shirts to everyone as a fundraising tool.
How does it work?
DWBH Shirts visiting Joel, recovering from cancer treatement, in his home! How does it work? We supply the shirts and help you formulate, then execute a plan to sell them to pay your bills  to help you or your cause in whatever way you choose.

Bills can be submitted to be paid after your initial 30 shirts sales.

Do you buy the shirts from us?
Terry, recovering cancer patient, with her 1st graders at school! Do you buy the shirts from us? You can buy them minus the donation amount if you choose or you can sell them through our online store. Alternatively you can take orders and we can ship them to you in bulk. Whatever works best for you.
How do you sell them?
DWBH Shirts Team at the Irvine Lake Mud Run How do you sell them? We guide you every step of the way to put together a plan. Options include an email & Facebook campaign with a video, planning events involving local businesses & civic organizations, selling them in local boutiques and seeking coverage from local news sources.
How much do you get?
DWBH Shirts Team running the OC Marathon How much do you get? Profit on shirt varies across the entire line but the bestselling unisex & women’s standard shirts sells for $30 and we give you $12. That comes to 40% on those shirts. Compare that to a food fundraiser! Call and discuss what shirts you see in the Online Store that you think you will need and we can work up the numbers.
Why choose DWBH shirts?
Mary Chapluk wearing her DWBH Shirts supporting cancer research at Travis Ranch School Why choose Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts? People are generous by nature but more so if they get something in return like our light, cool, high quality shirts made 100% in the USA. Not everybody like tacos or candy but everybody wears a shirt. The miracle of seeing a cancer warrior be uplifted as everyone they see has donned a Don’t Worry Be Happy shirt to support them will never be forgotten. Combine that with a relevant message that promotes wellness in everyone from cancer survivors to cystic fibrosis warriors and anyone with any disease imaginable. School children of all ages love this message. Lives change as they stop worrying about things they don’t want and concentrating on happiness in every moment.

Completed fundraisers.

Fundraiser:Jennifer Albaeck 44

BREAST CANCER 44 yrs old

|married mother of 2


Madeline Vazquez

5 mos old Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor (AT/RT))


Jaime Ybarra

53 Epitheliod Hemengioendothelioma (Rare Vascular Cancer)


Darrel Herrin

Husband, father of two boys and bread winner

GLIOBLASTOMA Multiform Brain Tumor


Trycia Carlberg

35 single Breast and Bone cancer IV


Parker Diaz

Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma/ Cancer of the Adrenal Gland


Liz Lord

Brain Cancer Glioblastoma Stage 4 , inoperable


Patrick Veritch

Engaged Father of two Testicular Cancer

Fundraiser: Vivian Gillion

61 years old Breast Cancer Stage III w/Bone Mets.


Max Larios


Married Father 63 years young


Scott Gohl

Married father of two

Brain Cancer


Josh Diehl


Stage III Follicular Lymphoma


Heather Briney


Thyroid Cancer

Fundraiser: Kourtney Carlberg

Kevin’s Sister

Love, Hope Strength Fundraiser kourtcarlberg@gmail.com

Fundraiser: Genna ChaplukKevin’s CousinAmerican Cancer Society Relay for Life Genna@Chapluk.com