Alyssa Richards

35 Years Old
Single Mother|
Breast Cancer

Being a single mom without any support is a tough job but when you add breast cancer things can be devastating. Alyssa has lived in Laguna Beach with her 9 year old son for many years. Alyssa has always been a hard worker with a great attitude who loves everyone.

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer and starting chemo she finds herself exhausted much of the time. Following the start of her cancer treatments she has only been able to work part time. The drop in income combined with the exorbitant costs of cancer treatment has left her with more bills than she knows how to deal with.

Alyssa has joined the Don’t Worry Be Happy Foundation as a warrior and asks for your help by buying shirts on her behalf to be able to heal without worrying about her bills.  She is truly grateful for the help from her supporters. Alyssa is looking forward to making a full recovery and being able to provide a better life for her son. Please buy your shirt today.