Christy Wright

Stage 3 Invasive Lobular Carcinoma
Special Ed Teacher and mother of 3

Christy is a forty-three year old mom, living in a caring Placentia-Yorba Linda community for the past fourteen years. She is married with three wonderful children and is thankful for a fulfilling job as a local speech pathologist working primarily with children with Autism. She is worried about paying for the growing medical costs for her cancer treatment and the ongoing medical care of her special needs daughter.

In December 2013, cancer had been ruled out with results of mammogram and ultrasound. However she was encouraged by a friend/nurse to follow-up with a specialist. Fast-forward to end of January 2014, she was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma. Then March 2014 she underwent a Double Mastectomy, which revealed cancer in 6 lymph nodes and 11 cm tumor (Stage 3). She is in the process of undergoing the recommended, most aggressive chemo treatment and radiation plan.

Christy works a part-time schedule to manage a variety of medical needs/visits, etc., for her oldest daughter, who has several congenital neurological diagnoses.  These have required multiple surgeries and up to seven pediatric medical specialists seen at CHOC Hospital on a regular basis – which includes her daughter’s 10th brain surgery last spring.  Christy carries the medical benefits for her family to cover these significant needs. She quickly ran out of sick days and has been required to be off work during recovery from her surgery. She will need to continue to be off from work for further treatment; chemotherapy every other week for four months followed by radiation.  However, with the recent insurance “changes” many people are experiencing, her medical benefits are also costing much more out of pocket for procedures and visits. Increased medical bills from cancer treatment and CHOC are quickly adding up!

Christy has been completely overwhelmed by the caring support of those around her. Having been one to always take care of others, she is unaccustomed and having a difficult time being on the receiving end of things.  She’s looking forward to being able to pay it forward when she has finished treatment.  Thank you for your generosity!

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