Elias Gonzales

Age 8
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia ( ALL)

May 1st, 2011 my (at the time) 6 yr old son Elias was offically diagnosed with Leukemia, ALL for short. Since then he has spent countless days inpatient @ Children’s Hospital in Orange County… In the beginning of his treatment he became septic & was in a coma for days.
Miraclously, he recovered from that but just weeks later he xperienced a perforated bowel & had to under go emergency surgery. After emoving part of his Colon & Appendix, he had to endure having a Colostomy bag for 6 months. Elias had a successful reversal surgery on Dec 2nd. It wasn’t a smooth recovery but he is definitely a fighter! He has also been hospitalized every month at a minimum of 5 days each time since April. His first say being 50 days.. When your child is extremely sick, family medical leave goes by quickly.. Cancer is not a 3 month disease. I had no choice but to step down from my full time job. Its been a struggle but how could I not be by my son’s side at such a critical time? Our family greatly appreciates any purchases or donations under Elias’ name. If all goes well he will have 2 1/2 more years of chemo treatment. We are also hoping he can return to school sometime this year.

Thank you & God Bless!! ~The Gonzales family


Thank you and God Bless! Andrea Gonzales

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