Evan Gabor

Age 7

Evan has been battling leukemia at UCLA Hospital since August 16th, 2007 when he was first diagnosed at 23 months old. He went off treatment December 11th, 2010. That was a glorious day to say the least. He had over a year of no doctors, chemo, nurses, blood draws and hospital visits. It was truly a wonderful time having cancer behind him.

Sadly, on April 24, 2012, leukemia once again re-entered Evan’s life. He has been in the hospital since then receiving more chemotherapy, spinal taps, transfusions and a myriad of other drugs. On September 6th, Evan (7 years old on September 13th) received a bone marrow transplant, with his big brother Trevor (11 years old) as his donor. This is truly a miracle as Trevor is a perfect match for his brother.  Evan will then be in isolation for 30-45 days at UCLA hospital.

Needless to say, there are huge doctor, hospital, lab bills as well as other associated costs such as gasoline, food, parking, etc. There is also a loss of income due to his father, Bobby Gabor, having to take off work to either be at the hospital or taking care of his other son who was Evans donor.

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