Frank Lozoya

single student
Astrocytoma Brain Cancer

Background Story:

Frank Lozoya is a 27 year old student living in Yorba Linda, CA. He is one of four children, and also a new uncle. Frank attends Cal State Fullerton with the intent of graduating with a degree in Health Science. He hopes to work with cancer patients and their nutritional needs, in the future. Along with going to school part-time, he also works with Autistic children, as a Behavior Interventionist for Tustin School District. However, the nearly decade-long battle with Brain Cancer has left a large financial burden on Frank and his family. Despite the bills, Frank has emerged as a very optimistic human being and appreciates life each and every day.

Personal Story:
At the age of 19, Frank was taken to Hoag Hospital after suffering from a Grand Mal seizure. It was there, where doctors told him he had an Astrocytoma tumor, in stage 2. They immediately removed it, then proceeded to treat Frank with a round of Radiation. Several years later, in 2006, Frank suffered another Grand Mal seizure. The tumor had returned! This time it was in stage 4, and Frank’s family decided to take him to UCLA. Like Kevin, Frank met with top neurosurgeon Dr. Linda Lau, who removed his tumor.  After removing his tumor, for the 2nd time, Frank then received 18 weeks of radiation followed by 24 months of chemotherapy. His body and wallet took a hard hit. In 2008, Frank finally finished his chemotherapy and started to pursue a “normal” life. Since then, he is trying to make up for lost time (ie. school/work). Despite the scar on his scalp, you wouldn’t know Frank has Brain cancer! He is a very optimistic fun loving guy, who cares more about others then himself. During both surgeries, he was more worried about his family, which is extensive, then the outcome of his health. Frank has never asked for help or expects anything, yet the reality is, he does need help financially. Frank returns to UCLA every 3 months for MRIs, and also has accumulated a mountain of debt since his first incident in 2002. Frank Lozoya has survived 2 brain tumors so far while maintaining a positive attitude, and is an inspiration to others.

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