Heather Metzger

35 yrs old

Heather Metzger is a 35 year old wife, mother, daughter, and my lifelong best friend. As of April 19th, she is now a cancer patient. Her story hits close to home to any mother raising her children, any Husband of a loving wife, any parent of grown children, and anyone with a friend so dear you would rather call them family.

Her story began when the family came home from and Easter Break camping trip on Sunday April 15th. That Monday, Heather was all of a sudden, terribly sick. At first she thought it was the flu, but she knew something wasn’t right. After 3 visits to 3 different doctors, the 3rd doctor actually listened to Heather and sent her to Mission Viejo Hospital. On Thursday April 19th, Heather was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor.

Surrounded by family and friends and with her faith in God, Heather had brain surgery on Monday April 23rd. Heather’s doctors were thrilled with the success of the surgery and they were able to remove 96% of the tumor.  However, because the surgery revealed that the type of tumor, Astrocytoma Glioblastoma Mulitforme was not only cancerous and very aggressive, she needs to start chemotherapy and radiation right away to remove the remaining 4%.

To make things further complicated, Heather’s husband was out of work and they had no insurance at the time of diagnosis. The family of 5 lives  (kids 13,10,7) with her parents and her sister in the same home she grew up in, in Mission Viejo. They were already struggling financially and the accruing costs of her new medical bills are not helping them in any way. We are trying to help her so as to not delay her much needed treatments. And to assist her through this journey to fight for her life!

She has become our cancer warrior. Heather does have some positive things going for her, which will assist her immensely in this fight.  She is a healthy girl, 96% of the tumor is out and she has her youth on her side. Most importantly, a good attitude, fight in her, supportive family and friends like you. And this is where your part of Heather’s story begins.

For those who know Heather well, her motto has always been “don’t worry be happy”.  So when we heard about the Don’t Worry Be Happy Foundation, you could imagine our excitement and gratitude for such a wonderful resource. Perfect for her personality and her current financial and medical needs. Please help Heather by showing her your support in buying and wearing a don’t worry be happy t-shirt! There are so many to choose from! (Heather’s nfavorite color is Purple!) Take a picture and post it, wear it around town and wear it to her fundraisers. Not only will you be showing her and everyone else your support. But, 100% of the proceeds will go towards helping Heather pay her increasing medical bills.

So please order some shirts today @ http://DWBHshirts.org and choose YOUR warrior, Heather Metzger. They will make sure the money gets to her.  But, if you choose not to make a shirt purchase but, want to help. You can make a direct 100% tax deductible financial donation through the http://DontWorryBeHappyFoundation.org  website or click donate on welcome page here!

Proverbs 17:22   A merry heart does good like a medicine, and a broken spirit dries the bones.

Thank you and God Bless,

Heather and family