Lily Jones (Princess Bean)

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Lily’s Story

Our little Lily Bean is a typical 5 yr old girl who finds great joy in the simple things in life. Lily is a girly girl who can hang tough with the boys. Jumping on the trampoline, getting launched sky high by her brothers, was her most favorite thing. She is graced with many gifts. She is a pure heart, kind and gentle and concerned about the world around her. She loves to sing and make music. She is hilarious, & is known to make many laugh their heads off.

During the past few months my “light and bright” Lily began to dim. Ever so slowly she began to fade a little bit. She wasn’t her usual chatty self for days at a time. Then she would bounce back strongly and then fade out again. She began to withdraw noticeably during the last session of swimming lessons in mid July, and that’s when her reoccurring fevers began. Not terribly concerned at first, (I mean it’s just a fever right?) I treated it like any virus or bug would be treated. Her pediatrician was baffled by what he called a FUO (fever of unknown origin). He ordered up an assault & battery of tests for Lily to endure all of which were negative! That’s when I sent out my desperate cry for help e-mail most of you received. The day after I sent out the e-mail, we admitted Lily into Phoenix Children’s Hospital where she was further tested and positively diagnosed with what doctors called the most “curable” and “easiest to treat” blood cancer, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. (pre-b ALL)

So…..good news, bad news. If you’re going to get cancer, that’s the one to get, apparently.
The response I got from family and friends, to this shocking news, was astounding. You guys banned together like an unstoppable army, marching in waves, bringing back-up reserves of love and prayers enough to annihilate any negativity or defeat, Hope and optimism was restored in my heart and I had courage and trusted in God to help us through this. Simply, I thank you all for your out pour of help, gifts,& empathy.

Her doctors wasted no time; Lily immediately started chemo, steroids, antibiotics, and received a blood transfusion, all of which her little body tolerated. We were assigned a social worker, psychologist, nutritionist, and a team of docs and nurses to ease us into this challenge of great proportions. Within 10 days, we were able to bring Lily home. Lily will battle this cancer and it’s recovery for approximately 3 years. That’s an overwhelming number considering that at times, a single day can seem like 3 years long. Not to worry though, so far her prognosis is good and we are backed by God and all of you. Once again, My unending gratitude flows out to each and every one of you. Seriously, I thank God that all of you are in mine and my families lives. Love, Tarah (mother)

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