Logan Murrietta

One year old
Retinoblastoma- rare eye cancer

Logan’s Background Story:

Our son Logan was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma when he was 2 1/2 months old.  Retinoblastoma is a rare form of children’s eye cancer mostly found in 1 and 2 year olds.  RB is caught by flash photography, a “white glow” in the child’s eye.  We noticed the white glow when we were on vacation in January and took some photos and saw the glow in the photos as well.  As soon as we got home from vacation I goggled what I saw and found the bad news…which I was hoping was not true, but I feared the worst.  I called Justin immediately, and we made an appointment with a CHOC opthamologist.  The next day our world was turned upside down, when the CHOC opthamologist thought it was a tumor, and sent us to CHLA to see Dr.Murphree the Retinoblastoma specialist immediately.  After Dr. Murphree confirmed that Logan had unilateral Retinoblastoma, Logan started his first round of chemo a week later.  Followed by 2 other rounds of chemo, laser, and cryotherapy.


Today Logan is still fighting this awful disease.  He continues to visit Dr. Murphree every four weeks for his EUA’s (exam under anesthesia) followed with laser treatment or cryotherapy.  He also has follow up visits with his oncologist every three months along with blood draw.  His last visit with Dr. Murphree they found one tumor which was lasered and was prescribed his first set of protective lenses.  Since the doctors dont think he can see out of his left eye, we need to try our best and protect the good eye.  He is crawling, climbing, and cruising all over the place and we need to make sure to keep his right eye out of harms way!


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