Melissa Martinez Capuano

36 single
Cervical Cancer 2008
Renal Carcinoma Kidney cancer 2011

My life changed in the spring of March 2008. It started with me passing out and hemorrhaging which required a 48 hour blood transfusion. The doctors at the ER were shocked that I had not gone into cardiac arrest with all my blood loss. I was sent to a specialist to evaluate my condition. At first glance, they assumed it was fibroids which would require me to schedule a hysterectomy. During this examination, the doctor decided to do a rush biopsy on the tissue but scheduled the hysterectomy for the following week. The very next day I received the dreaded phone call to rush back to the doctor so she could give me my biopsy results. “Melissa, I have cancelled the hysterectomy and referring you to an oncologist at St. Judes. You have cervical cancer.” the very next week were appointments with oncologist, ob/gyn and a radiologist. I was diagnosed with stage 2b inoperable cervical cancer at age 33. My treatment regiment was chemotherapy every Monday for 8 hours, 33 sessions of radiation Monday through Friday and 5 sessions of brachy therapy ( surgical radiation). In October of that same year, after my treatments were completed, I was told that I had beat the beast and my tumor was completely gone!

During a routine scan, in January 2011, at age 36, they found that I had renal carcinoma, kidney cancer. I was sent to USC Norris Cancer Center. Unlike the previous cancer, this one WAS operable. I underwent a 5 hour surgery where they removed 10% of my kidney and were able to remove the entire tumor. I will not require radiation or chemotherapy this time which is a blessing. Cancer has changed me in so many ways. I am a better, stronger and more appreciative person. It has taught me what people are important to me and how precious life is. If cancer crosses my path again, I will only do what I know how to do and that is to FIGHT! I am and always will be a SURVIVOR!

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