Pam Montgomery

Mother of 3

Hello:) My name is Pam Montgomery. I live in Corona, California where my life as a wife, mother of three, and a teacher in a 2nd/3rd grade combo classroom keeps me busy and fills my life with so much happiness. After four years of going without having a mammogram, I decided it’s time to have one; so I did at the end of September. I never in my wildest imagination expected to be called back for another mammogram and ultrasound, and then back on October 16th for a biopsy. Then, finding out on the very day (October 18th) that my school was celebrating spirit day by wearing pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, that I have breast cancer was nothing short of completely surreal! It was thought that I would be able to have a lumpectomy and take Tamoxifen for five years; however, my MRI revealed two more tumors that, when biopsied, confirmed my worst fear that they were also invasive cancer. I now have three tumors in my right breast that are termed IDC (invasive ductal carcinoma). I am scheduled to have a bilateral mastectomy on December 23rd at which time a few of my lymph nodes will be removed and checked to insure that cancer has not spread.

This rapid journey that I am on has brought with it such a range of emotions. Not once, however, have I wondered, “Why me?” I know I must go on this journey and discover so many amazing blessings along the way. With all my blessings (and there are SO MANY), some major challenges have arisen. My insurance is meant to be primarily geared toward preventative care, therefore has an astronomical deductible and out-of-pocket patient responsibility. My medical bills are a strenuous concern. I feel so fortunate, however, to have learned about DWBHshirts through a dear colleague and what this incredible organization does to help cancer patients. Each shirt tells of the heartwarming story in memory of a true cancer warrior that through this organization his legacy lives on and other cancer patients receive assistance in paying overwhelming medical bills. I am honored to be a warrior who is supported by such a caring organization. Once my journey is over, I will make it my commitment to “pay it forward” and help support other cancer warriors in any way I can! I have the most amazing family, friends, colleagues, and students in my life who make me realize I can get through anything with their loving support.