Patrick Veritch

Engaged Father of two
Testicular Cancer

Patrick’s Background Story: Patrick Veritch is a native Southern Californian and Costa Mesa, CA resident. He is father to Savannah, 14, brand new baby, Sean 4 ½ months and engaged to his beautiful loving fiancée, Angela. Patrick was a hard working, self employed electrician until cancer invaded his life. Over the past year as he battled cancer. Unable to work, his savings dwindled away. He & Angela struggled to make ends meet on her pay until recently she was laid off. While Patrick finishes off his chemotherapy intending to be forever rid of cancer he is still unable to muster enough strength to work. Angela, with the new baby and caring for Patrick, finds it hard to maintain the level of diligence she’d like to regain employment. We ask for your help in our fundraising effort for Patrick and his family by buying Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts on their behalf. Please help us raise enough funds to get them through the last of Patrick’s treatments and through the holidays. Make Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts your Holiday gift of choice to show your support.

Here is Patrick’s personal story.


I was diagnosed this year with Seminoma. A Testicular Cancer that apparently dropped a deformed cell into my blood stream. The cell has traveled around my blood stream and eventually settled in my chest. As the cell attached to my sternum and began to grow into a tumor it put pressure on my thoracic outlet. From that point several other tumors have grown around my jugular vein, my Aorta, and in and around my chest. This made my face swell up and of course snore terribly.

None of the tumors have invaded my lungs, bone marrow, or lymph glands thankfully. I have a good prognosis. The Doctors feel I will recover from this fine with no real change in life. I am currently going through chemo therapy at Hoag Cancer Center. I have four rounds of chemo in 21 day increments and completed almost two of them. It’s a cake walk really Lol!

After a bad crash on a motorcycle my brother, Hap, was asked “Is Pat going to be okay? His reply was, “When Pat hits the ground he usually breaks the cement.”

That has been true my whole life so I am not worried about the future. I intend to resume the same lifestyle I always have running my company, Veritch Electric, riding dirt bikes, restoring hot rods with my brothers, raising my children Savannah & Baby Sean and, of course, living to love my wife to be Angela.

Thank you to all my Family, friends and loyal customers who have stuck by us!

Live well, choose to be happy!

Always put the Lord ahead of yourself!