Penelope Buttress

Stage 4 Neuroblatoma

Penelope came into this world guns a blazing as a very active, healthy baby girl. When Penelope was 9 months old black rings starting forming around her eyes and being a new “cruiser” in her early walking stages we thought she may have hit her nose when she fell. After a few days they continued to get worse and then things went south quickly. Penelope wasn’t sleeping through the night anymore, she would wake us up with shrill screams and then she stopped eating and drinking altogether.

On February 25th, 2010 our lives would forever be changed. Penelope was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblatoma, a cancer of the sympathetic nervous system. She had a tumor the size of a grapefruit in her abdominal and chest cavity that wrapped around her spine, among it being in her bone marrow, in her neck, skull, in her orbital bones and in her liver. She underwent 17 rounds of chemo and had clear scans for 6 months.

Almost 2 year to the day of her initial diagnosis Penelope’s scans came back with another large tumor and lesions all down her spine, in her skull and in her orbital bones. As our journey begins again we have faced many financial challenges, including dad moving out of the county for a new job and mom having to quit my job to be her primary caregiver. DWBHShirts is an incredible organization that is willing to go beyond and help in our time of need and we appreciate any support you can give us through them! Spread the word about DWBHShirts and Neuroblastoma to get rid of this terrible disease.

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