Scott Gohl

Scott’s Background Story:

Married father of two
Brain Cancer

Scott Gohl is 43 years old and currently living in Huntington Beach CA. He is married to his beautiful wife, Tracy and father to young Zane (6) and Allegra (4). After the discovery of a Stage IV Butterfly Glioma Brain Tumor Scott is no longer able to work. The Gohl family has lost their main bread winner while Scott battles brain cancer. The household bills still roll in joined now by the huge medical expense of a brain cancer battle. We ask you to imagine what your household would be like in this situation and support the Gohl family with open hearted generosity. Please help us in our fundraising efforts for the Gohls. Anyone who has ideas to help us sell shirts on their behalf please contact us.

Scott’s Personal Story:

On May 29th,2010 Scott was rushed to Hoag Hospital after he was unable to stand due to a seizure. Scott had been suffering from headaches, extreme fatigue and confusion for about a week prior to the seizure.  All roads pointed toward increasing feelings of depression & anxiety – but then they found out that his symptoms were not related to something that simple. Tracy and Scott spent the day in the ER and finally received a distressing diagnoses,,,,Scott was diagnosed with a stage IV Butterfly Glioma –  a cancerous brain tumor with a very devastating prognosis.

Prior to being diagnosed, Scott had been in the CMBS (commercial real estate / mortgage lending) field with Merrill Lynch.  After the CMBS melt down, he lost his job when his division of Merrill went out of business in December 2008.  While he ended up taking a job for a consulting firm about 6 weeks prior to his diagnosis, he was in a constant state of unhappiness due to not having been able to fully realize his dream of employment in the industry of his choice.  Since then the family has been living off of savings and the incredible generosity of others.

Now, after 9 months of a very rocky medical journey – some good news, some bad – a visit to UCLA on Monday 2/9/11 for an MRI found further growth of the entire tumor.  The Gohls are now battling their second growth in three months.  Currently, thanks to Scott’s young age and his good physical condition, UCLA will continue to offer additional drugs that will try to combat future growth so that this tumor can be contained and considered more of a chronic disease.  The docs figure as long as Scott is well enough & his body can withstand treatment, they will continue to try new things as needed.

Friends say to “accept the good” and one of the biggest “goods” that he and his family find daily is the beauty of the community within which they live.  Because Scott & Tracy have no family in California they find constant blessings in the generosity and good will of those amazing friends who have surrounded them – some old, some new, and some they haven’t even met yet.  This immense support within which they have been enveloped has proven not only to be humbling to them but it also has been awe-inspiring.  Within such a horrible and unthinkable tragedy that has rocked the very fabric of their family, their lives are also filled with blessings too numerous to count.

However, the battle continues as they wait anxiously for the next MRI to show improvement.  With a lot of prayer and quite of bit of expertise from the western medicine side of things, they will continue to fight on.