Todd Gjevre

Age 48
Stage IV Glioblastoma

My husband, Todd, and I have known each other since we were children. Even back then we always knew we would be friends to the very end, however in our early adult years our lives went down separate paths and we lost contact with each other for 26 years. In 2005, fate brought us back together and it was apparent our friendship was still very present, as if we had never lost contact. Our friendship grew and we found ourselves in love. Our relationship thrived and by 2008 we were married. We approached our new life together with the excitement and energy that the rest of our lives together would fulfill all the hopes and dreams we’ve always wanted but had yet to achieve. Todd is a carpenter, contractor and self-employed. The real estate crash and the economical challenges hit us very hard combined with my challenges in finding a job within my field left us without health benefits. Todd’s work ethic is and has always been strong. He is the guy who was out the door at 5:30 in the morning and sometimes not returning till 9-10:00 at night. Todd always went the extra mile to ensure his customers were satisfied and that the job was done right. It looked like we finally were going to get the break we had waiting for since I had just got hired for a new job in May 2012. All we had to do was wait out my probationary period and our medical benefits would go in to effect. About that same time Todd started complaining of headaches, an unbalanced feeling, excessive fatigue and slight impaired vision.
On July 2, 2012, he called me from a hardware store parking lot and told me he was having problems and seeing colors. That day changed our lives forever. After several tests Todd was diagnosed with Stage IV Glioblastoma. So far Todd has had 2 surgeries, one to perform a biopsy and the second to remove 90% of the tumor. His doctors have explained to us that these are all very standard procedures in treating Stage IV Glioblastoma and the next steps will include chemotherapy and possibly radiation treatments. Since then Todd has been unable to work and we have lost 75% of our household income. With the mounting medical costs and our normal living expenses we face the fear of losing our home, our transportation and the very things in life that has made us feel secure.
I watch my husband with his “can do” attitude and fighter mentality and I am amazed. I reflect back on conversations of our wedding day when we promised each other forever and how he tells me now that he will never leave me….I feel so blessed to be here to help him in the biggest fight of his life. For family, friends and acquaintances who know Todd personally I believe you would all agree what a happy-go-lucky guy he is with his upbeat personality and quick-witted sense of humor. For those who have yet had the opportunity to meet Todd I say I hope you have the chance to know him, he is truly a warm-hearted, compassionate and loving person.
Knowing Todd as I do when we found the “Don’t Worry Be Happy” foundation it made perfect sense that this was an organization we wanted to be connected with. Through this foundation, donations and purchases made in Todd’s name provide a direct resource of financial assistance while Todd battles brain cancer.
So we would like to ask you to please visit and purchase a shirt in the name of my husband, Todd Gjevre. The foundation will ensure that your contribution will get to Todd. However if you wish to make a tax deductible cash donation in Todd’s name please visit website or click donate on the welcome page. If you are not able to purchase a shirt or make a cash donation we completely understand. We welcome any prayers you may have and only ask that you continue to share Todd’s story with your friends and family.
We greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!
Todd & Renee Gjevre