Tricia Barron

(teacher)age 39
married mother of 2

Tricia is a 39 year-old married mother of 2 who lives in San Dimas. She has been teaching elementary school for 17 years and has a first grade class this year. Her youngest son was born last December after a difficult pregnancy. During breast feeding, she noticed a lump which seemed to be a clogged breast duct. She didn’t think much of it since she had experienced that with her first son. After seeing the doctor, she was told it was cancer and she needed to see a specialist immediately. She was forced to quit breast feeding cold turkey and have a biopsy that week. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 “squamous cell carcinoma” on August 6th and was sent to City of Hope due the rare nature of this cancer. She had a mastectomy on Sept. 11th and found out she actually has “metaplastic” breast cancer with squamous cells surrounding and an additional small tumor down beneath that was regular breast cancer. Since metaplastic is fast growing and rare, she will begin aggressive chemo immediately followed by 6 weeks of radiation 5 days a week. She has not been to see her first grade class since the beginning of school and is focused on regaining strength for her upcoming battle. As a teacher, she does not receive disability and her sick days are running out quickly. Her health insurance is requiring her to pay a portion of her medical bills which are adding up quickly. Please help to allow her to focus on her health and family. Many blessings to all who are in this fight.

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