Vivian Gillion

61 years old
Breast Cancer Stage III w/Bone Mets.

Hello my name is Vivian Gillion, from Arrowbear Lake, California. I am a native to California, where i raised my children after losing my spouse to cancer back in 1989. My journey with Breast Cancer starts when I was a young woman, after discovering several lumps in my breast. Although at the time, these lumps were benign, I always followed necessary procedure to have them removed.

As part of my healing process after losing my spouse, I became an avid marathon runner. However, in 1999, my running came to a stop when I was informed that I had Breast Cancer Stage IV. I fought a tremendous fight against my cancer, with many ups and downs throughout my treatment. I had a double mastectomy, but was able to fight through the battle and start my remission stage.

I was very fortunate to make it through my battle, and to be able to see my grandchildren continue to grow, with an addition of my beloved grand dog. I soon began running marathons again. Always in honor of someone I knew fighting cancer or someone who had lost their battle with cancer. I also spent my time celebrating my Native American heritage, by going to Pow-wows with friends and donating my time teaching religious studies and singing in my Catholic Church choir.

In 2010, 3 months after running the LA marathon, I started to feel weak. I ended up in the hospital, where I learned that my cancer was back, and it had metastasized into my bones and will spread throughout other areas eventually. Soon thereafter began treatment to try and control the tumor counts. Due to the fact that I have been in and out of the hospital, it was suggested that I retire to enjoy the rest of my time I might have.

This has been a trying experience for my family and I. However, through all the pain I am experiencing I am managing to keep a smile on my face because of the creator, my family, friends and my “Don’t Worry Be Happy” t-shirt. I have had people come up to me and state that because they read my shirt, they took the words to heart, and they were words that he needed to see/hear at that moment.

I would like to send my sincere appreciation and love to anyone who is able to donate for our cause by buying a Don’t Worry Be Happy shirt from in my name.