William McMurray

Age 11
Brain Stem Glioma

Penguin Café owners Sabrina and Michael McMurray’s son William, 10, began to experience dizziness, headaches and balance issues since school ended. Symptoms worsened and last Saturday morning the McMurray family was in the Mission Hospital Emergency Room. William was having visual issues and slurred words, his motor coordination affected. The family began living their worst nightmare, as their only child was diagnosed with an inoperable and fast growing brain tumor called a Brain Stem Glioma.

They need your help.

The McMurrays have no health insurance. Their small restaurant, beloved by locals for decades is a typical small business requiring Sabrina’s cooking and management efforts and has had its share of financial setbacks over the past few years. Yet they kept their doors open, allowing the 40-year family tradition to be carried on with lots of hard work on their part. Friends and family have set up a way to donate funds to support the family in their greatest time of need. This enables the McMurrays to spend as much time as possible with their beloved son William without the worry of daily expenses and incoming bills. Please purchase a Don’t Worry Be Happy shirt in Williams at http://DWBHshirts.com and tax deductible donations are accepted thru the Don’t Worry Be Happy Foundation to help pay the McMurrays bills. http://DontWorryBeHappyFoundation.org