Happy Birthday Lyric!!

Dear Daddy,
Thank you for giving me your love, your beautiful eyes, your love of music, your sense of humor, your smarts, your thick hair, your generosity, your creativity, your big feet, your extraordinary expressions, your contagious laugh, your compassion, your thoughtfulness, your singing voice and your legacy. I promise to make the most of all of these wonderful traits you have passed down to me and make you proud.
I love you, today, on my 5th birthday, and always.
Lyric DeeAnn

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Lyric!!”

  • Mina:

    Happy Birthday Lyric!! We Love You!! Have a Fantastic day and we can’t wait to see you.
    Love Mina, Uncle Jimmy and all the Bucs

  • I Can’t take it!! What a JOY you are to the world, beautiful girl! You are bringing SO much happiness to so many people. You a re TRULY a gift from heaven. I KNOW your daddy is SO proud. Tears of joy for you both today! Love and Light, Trycia (your daddy’s cousin)