Jill and Hannah McLain in Dont Worry Be Happy shirts in Lake Havasu City

Hi Mina,

Thanks so much for talking with me today about Don’t Worry Be Happy and what you guys do!  I think its amazing.  We need more people like you and your family that put their hearts and souls into helping others.  Thank you.

I want to see what I can do to help, if it is just myself in my own area of Lake Havasu with the people I know, or if I can get the backing of my company I work for, Pfizer.  Either way, I want to get more involved with what you do for the lives of Cancer patients and families that it impacts!

Here are the pictures you asked for of me and my 6 year old daughter Hannah.  She is so Happy to be able to help Lily and can’t wait to wear her shirt and tell her friends and family about how they can help too!  And believe me, she will!  🙂

I will be in touch soon, thanks again!!


Jill and Hannah Mclain

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