Joining in the Tribute from Petaluma.. Al and Michelle Minero

On Al’s birthday December 10, 2009 I got home from work, to find a lovely dinner the kids had made his birthday dinner.Al began to open his birthday gifts after dinner and noticed a package that had come in the mail. He opened it up and found the T-shirts you had sent!We were all touched, and were immediately aware of Kevin’s presence. I read the inside of the T-shirt, and everyone’s hearts were opened. We took photos of Al and I in the shirts (which have since then disappeared!) and were mindful of the gift of life that we were celebrating for Al. The next day I looked for my T-shirt, and saw Kristina wearing it. She told me that her co-workers at Athleta needed Kevin’s inspiration because after the company had been bought out, the employees were all having a difficult time with the transition. She wore it to work, and the message of “Don’t worry, be happy” brought smiles to the faces of her peers who needed to remember this valuable life lesson.Another experience I had was while I was shopping at Costco. I had Kevin’s shirt on, and was walking along the isles in deep concentration, trying to remember what I was there to buy. I noticed someone looking at me. I looked up, made eye contact, and when he looked away I realized he was reading the message on my shirt! I decided I needed to be more congruent with the message that Kevin was sharing. From that time on, I smiled and made eye contact with anyone who was available. I got thumbs up from people across the store, nods, and big smiles. Kevin’s spirit lightend the heart of people that day, and reminded me how I can keep him alive in my heart. Love, your cousin, Michelle

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