Kev’s One Word Email-HAPPY HUMP DAY!

BIG D and KEV!!

Kev sent this email to Kourt and myself awhile ago and I wanted to share with you all. I figured it would be only right to send it on Kev and my day…Some of his answers amaze me, make me smile, laugh, cry but thought I would share them so you all can enjoy them as well. It is the true Kev in these ONE WORD ANSWERS! ENJOY! We love you Kev, Meagan

email from Kev

i answered these yesterday, but didn’t want to bug you guys, so i just sent it to meritt and kara. anyways, it’s fun to look at people’s answers, so here are mine! love you both,


  1. Where is your cell phone? my pocket
  2. Your significant other: meritt lynn
  3. Your hair: brown
  4. Your mother: barbara
  5. Your father: big D
  6. Your favorite thing: lyric and music
  7. Your dream last night: something involving boobies
  8. Your favorite drink: captain n coke
  9. Your dream/goal: be a successful father, husband and musician
  10. The room you’re in: dining room
  11. Your fear: earthquakes and sharks and plane crashes and john mccain
  12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: madison square garden with my family
  13. Where were you last nigth: in bed
  14. What you’re not: a wimp, or ugly
  15. Muffins: I prefer warm biscuits, mostly my wife and daughters
  16. One of your wish list items: mexican midget servant
  17. Where you grew up: warm springs ave
  18. The last thing you did: ate some benefiber chewies
  19. What are you wearing: oversized usc sweatpants and a wife beater
  20. Your tv: needs a new remote control and a volume knob
  21. Your p[et: does lyric count?
  22. Your computers: needs to be cleaned
  23. Your life: great!
  24. Your mood: like always, tired
  25. Missing someone: dad
  26. Your car: depends on the day-the sandman, the black sgtallion, or sometimes chuck t’s…
  27. Something youre not wearing: a bra
  28. Favorite store: westwood music
  29. Your summer: awesome!
  30. Favorite color: green
  31. When is the last time you laughed: watching my naked daughter dancing to harry belafonte
  32. Last time you creid: before brain surgery
  33. Who will would re-post this: I only it to 2 people who already answered
  34. Four place I go over and over: gym, home, lyrics class, the grove
  35. Four people who e-mail me: ucla med ctr., old navy, boob jobs are us, and penis enhancement sites
  36. Four of my favorite foods: mexican, sushi, pad tai, and bbq
  37. Four places I would rather be right now: the studio, hawaii, the beach, dinselyand
  38. Four people I think will respond : only 2 people who already responded

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