Meet DWBHshirts new warrior Mia Gonzalez

Mia’s Story ~ Warrior: Mia Gonzalez
1 year and 5 months Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
San Diego, CA

Mia is a beautiful and happy baby girl who turned one year old on December 28th, 2010. Mia has two sibling brothers ages six and seven. Her parents are Nelly and Daniel Gonzalez. The Gonzalez family was happy and healthy till cancer struck.

Baby Mia was brought in for a routine baby check up on Monday April 25th. Her mom received a call Monday evening and was informed that Mia needed to be admitted to the hospital ASAP as she had very abnormal blood results. The doctors wouldn’t tell her mom, Nelly Gonzalez, the lab results over the phone.

Upon arrival at the hospital they were told that Mia may have leukemia and they would need to have more test done to confirm it. After more blood work they had determined it was leukemia but they wanted to be 100% sure that it was indeed leukemia and what type of leukemia. By the next morning, Tuesday April 26th the hospital performed a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy to get a bone marrow sample from Mia. By Tuesday afternoon the hospital was able to confirm 100% that Mia did in fact have leukemia. Mia’s labs were sent to a Los Angeles cancer research lab to get further information on the type of leukemia she has. By Wednesday evening our family learned that Mia had acute lymphocytic leukemia. She has a Philadelphia 922 chromosome marker and ALL with this chromosome marker have 50%-60% survival rate, the Doctors have told Mia’s parents. The family is now in search of blood donors for Mia. They seeking B+ and Universal blood types for Mia to received blood transfusions. We have also learned that Mia will definitely need a bone marrow transplant.

In just 2 days Mia’s life had been changed without showing any outward sign of her being in jeopardy. She has always been a very happy baby and a week after being diagnosed she still seems to be the happy baby she has always been. Mia is now receiving chemo treatments (3 per day, twice a week). She is still at the hospital and a date when she will be allowed to go home has not been set.

Mia’s parents need all the help they can get as they lived paycheck to paycheck before Mia’s diagnosis. Now both parents have been out of work as they care for Mia and her newfound illness. Presently they are incurring hospital and other medical expenses that their insurance will not cover. This is just the beginning of a very tough journey for baby Mia and her family. They truly need your help to ease their worry over finances, get Mia the care she needs and to help Mia heal.

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