Meet new DWBHshirts warrior, JOEY EVANS

Joey Evans

20 Years Old

Hey everyone my names Joey Evans, living in beautiful So-Cal. Im an East coast transplant from New Jersey which is where I grew up all my life. Im 20, turning 21 in October of 2011 and am currently a student. I was studying photography as my major, but after my diagnosis I had a bit of a change of heart. So once I resume school I plan to throw myself into the wonderful world of Psychology! Ive come to realize I enjoy helping others and enjoy the human mind. I still take plenty of pictures and would love to make a profession out of it so that is a goal of mine also. My cancer troubles came in February 2011, when we started to try to find out what this enlarged tumor on my jaw was. 38 vials of blood, 3 fine needle biopsies, meeting countless specialists, and finally a surgery later and we come out with a diagnosis of stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma. Chemo started in June, as most know its not easy feeling crappy most of the time! One crazy thing is I am still growing hair though! Ive shaved my head and face twice since I started chemo and its grown back quite a bit, I guess I can consider myself lucky there! Cancer has changed my way of living and thinking. Its also made me a much more positive person, stressing less about the small things in life and focusing on the main picture with my new mantra, Don’t Worry Be Happy. Please help me spread this message and relieve some of the pressure of cancer’s costs by buying a Don’t Worry Be Happy shirt in my name. ~  Joey Evans

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