Our Purpose

Our purpose is to raise funds by selling Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts to help our struggling Cancer Warriors pay their bills. Show your support, pick the warrior of your choice today under Warriors Page and spread our message of hope, happiness and love.

When Kevin Carlberg was diagnosed with brain cancer he donned his “Don’t Worry Be Happy” shirt and wore it everywhere. He explained his life’s philosophy, “I’m happy and I want to make other people feel happy too, and know that you can survive this.”Embodying this simple mantra, he miraculously thrived, six years longer than ever expected. He inspired dozens of news stories, and helped raise millions of dollars for cancer research. This powerful message asks you to realize that “worry” over a future that may never come causes disease. Embrace the present, and choose wellness by being happy. Wearing this shirt will uplift you and those around you giving hope to those who need it the most. Surround every survivor with this message. Be the spark of hope and light that creates a miracle as it did for Kevin.

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