Putting a smile on DWBHshirts warrior Parker Diaz face ~ PRICELESS

Thank You JStar Motors , Driven 4 Kids for the awesome ride for Parker and the Diaz family!  You have made is trip a memorable one!

Parker drove the Lamborghini??  🙂  Thank You again JStar Motors & Driven 4 Kids.

Parkers Grandparents Jose and Gloria Diaz with Dan and Parker with the JStar Lamborghini!! We caused quite a comotion at the airport!! 

What a GREAT way to start off Parker Diaz and families trip to Disneyland, in a JStar Motors Lamborghini!!  I know his trip will be a memorable one. There are so many of you to thank that came thru in such short notice  and went out of thier way. 

A message from Parker’s Dad ~ ” My son was so happy today thank you everyone ….I can’t sleep,  my kid had the chance to just be a kid again.”  THANK YOU !!



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