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Join DWBHshirts WARRIORS 5 K WALK 8/26/12

Please click to print Sponsor sheet.  Community service hours will be given to all High School kids that participate, please bring your forms for signatures.

PLEASE buy a Dont Worry Be Happy shirts – help us have 500++ walkers thru Laguna
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Dont Worry Be Happy shirts team at the Brain Tumor Walk 9/17/11

Here is a part of those that walked with Dont Worry Be Happy shirts last Saturday 9/17/11.  Thank you to all of those that came out and supported DWBHshirts warriors!

Join Dont Worry Be Happy shirts team @ The Brain Tumor Walk 9/17/11

Thank you to our DWBHshirts team last year.  Let raise MORE money  this year for DWBHshirts participating warriors.   We  hope you all will join us again this year and bring friends!

Saturday, September 17 · 8:00am – 11:00am

Mile Square Regional Park, Fountain Valley, CA

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Saturday September 17, 2011 | Mile Square Regional Park, Fountain Valley, CA 8 am in Memory of KEVIN CARLBERG AND DAVID S PARKER, DOROTHY FUJIWARA, MAX LARIOS, TOM RUSSIE and SCOTT GOHL.
Help our Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts Brain cancer warriors , JAIME YBARRA, MAX LARIOS FAMILY, SCOTT GOHL’S FAMILY, LIZ LORD and ED ROBERTSON pay their medical bills by joining our team.

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Imagine needing a MRI, radiation or chemo , or clinical trials KNOWING you have Brain cancer and can’t afford to pay for it.
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Meet DWBHshirts new warrior, MAX LARIOS

(Being added this weekend)
Married Father 63 years young

My name is Max Larios and I was a successful Business Owner and main bread
winner in my household for 27 years, but in 2008, I suffered a stroke and
was diagnosed with Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes.  As a result of the
stroke, I was left with a partial disability on the left arm and leg.  I was
no longer able to work and being a Business Owner, I had no medical
insurance and found myself in a financial hardship.

On May 31, 2011, I believed I was suffering from another stroke, and was
taken to the ER.  After an extensive CT scan and MRI, I learned that it
wasn’t a stroke, but 3 brain tumors.

On June 4, 2011, I had a craniotomy to remove and biopsy two of the three
tumors. The third tumor was too large, deep, and dangerous to remove. After
the biopsy results I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer (Glioblastoma) on June
7, 2011.

After battling Diabetes for several years, I am now faced with the challenge
of finding additional strength to overcome this new illness. With hopes of
shrinking the third tumor I will receive heavy treatment .

Our financial overhead increased with new medications and frequent doctor
visits.  We have seen some tough times. With my disability, I require 24
hour assistance and care, leaving my wife unable to work, in order to assist
me. It has been a bit of a challenge with our income decreasing so

I am 63 years young, yet this illness seems to have aged me rapidly.  I live
in Corona, California and will be commuting to St. Joseph’s Hospital in
Orange, California to begin my treatment.   With my cancer being incurable,
I have hope that with heavy treatment, that final tumor will shrink and
allow me more time.  Additional treatment will depend on the results of the
first attempt.
I have much to learn about cancer and all that is associated with it;
however, I have come to learn that it is an illness that has no prejudice
and forces those suffering from it to fight against it with aggression.  My
strength comes from my wife and children that have been extremely supportive
during this difficult time in my life.  Cancer has begun to consume me, and
there may be more to come, yet my family’s help in fighting this battle is
giving me the drive to fight even harder.

My battle is beginning and will turn into a fast-speed race soon.   In the
process, I will continue to do all that I can so I can be a survivor, like
many others in hopes to have another opportunity in life…
Please help Max and buy a Don’t Worry Be Happy shirt.
Join Max’s family and friends at the Brain Tumor walk 9/17/11 in Fountain
Valley and donate for Max.

Meet DWBHshirts New Warrior LIZ LORD

LIZ LORD, single, age 27, Brain Cancer Glioblastoma Stage 4 , inoperable.

Liz is from Costa Mesa, CA and currently lives in Portland Oregon.  Liz could use your help offsetting her costs of her medical bills. Please buy a shirt today and help Liz!

“Hi It’s great to be a part of this amazing foundation & thanks for the positive vibes!

My story goes like this:  I had been throwing up for 2 months and thought I had some gallbladder issue so ran hundreds of dollars worth of tests with no answers.  I went to a regular western doctor & he asked me 2 hours worth of questions only to give me anti anxiety meds. Next step I went to a Naturopath that gave me IVs to keep me hydrated with vitamins and nourishment. Middle of March I went with my sis to her fiancé’s mom’s house to get plugged into a machine which shows where your body’s frequencies are. On the way back I went into acute delirium & lost 3 days, they took me to Oregon Health and Science University right away & I was in ICU for a week. I’ve been diagnosed with a cancerous Glioblastoma Stage 4 brain tumor.  The tumor is inoperable & incurable but doctors are hoping to control tumor growth thru radiation/chemo.
I’m grew up in Costa Mesa, went to Mariners/Ensign/ and graduated from Newport Harbor High in 2002.  I played volleyball @ NHHS and was given a full ride to University of Portland where I graduated with honors as an Organizational Communication major w/ specialty in PR in 2006.

After graduating I started as an intern & am now account marketing manager for an awesome company called CIP Marketing. We do retail services for Adidas, Icebreaker, Taylormade, as well as shop planning etc..
I’m 27 live in Portland with my boyfriend Casey & roomies Mark & Nick

Thank you for buying a DWBHshirt and helping me.  I appreciate the support and help.”  ~ LIZ

DWBHshirts Warrior SCOTT GOHL and his wife, Tracy

It was great to meet Scott and Tracy Gohl last Sunday!!  Please purchase a shirt or donate to Scott’s fund.  The hospital and household bills are astronomical and the Gohls could really use all of of help!

Scott has a Butterfly Glioma Brain cancer.  Read Scott’s story  and please buy a shirt or more to help support Scott and his family.

Today we celebrate the life of David S. Parker

David and Trevor Parker supporting ~as we celebrate the life  of their father, Karin’s beloved husband , an amazing  loved and  missed man,  David S. Parker  ~ 10/28/71 to 3/20/2006.

To Live in Hearts we leave behind is not to die!    Sending  Karin, David and Trevor Parker lots of  love today

All of us at DWBHshirts Loves the Parker family!!

Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts and Hailey Dibiasi’s youtube video to Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”

This incredible singing and video was presented to Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts by 13 year old, Hailey Dibiasi and her mother Nicole.   Thank you for the amazing tribute to Kevin and David Parker.  We appreciate you helping us spread message of optimism, while we raise funds by the sale of Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts to pay for our cancer warriors bills!  Help support our cancer warriors, buy a shirt today!!  Help find a Cure!

We Love you Hailey and Nicole!

The DWBH Team

Don’t Worry Be happy shirts at Brain Tumor Walk

Leslie and Harley DeWinter wearing their Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts, showing their support in brain tumor grey at the National Brain Tumor Association Walk. Thank you for your love and support for the Parker family!

Help our Cancer Warriors, buy your Don’t Worry Be Happy shirt today!!

Don’t Worry Be Happy shirt on Trevor in memory of his father, David S. Parker

Trevor Parker wearing his Don’t Worry Be Happy shirt to honor his father, Davis S. Parker and spreading Kevin’s optimism and hope for a cure for brain tumors.