Tim McGregor (Pseudopod) and Spencer Lev McGregor

Dear Uncle Kevin, My daddy tells me that you have always been the best family man. He has also told me many tales of his experiences he shared with you from the road, and what a cool rock star you are. He says when I’m old enough we’ll watch tons of video footage that he has of your adventures. He’s also played Pseudopod records for me. I haven’t picked my favorite yet – they’re all so good. Man, you guys are so cool! I can’t read yet, but my dad says the shirt I’m wearing has a saying that was one of your favorites. He said you wore the same shirt a lot, and that it was your lucky shirt, which I think is cool, because my favorite color is blue. It fits me well, don’t you think? Ok, it’s nap time. I gotta go, but I’ll be back soon. Can’t wait to hear more about you Uncle Kevin!

Spencer Lev McGregor

Oh, PS – I tried to tell my dad not to wear the Giants hat in this photo, because I know what a Dodger fan you are, but he assured me that he is a serious fair-weather fan, and that you would understand. Go Dodgers! Blue rules!

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  • Anonymous:

    Tim you are the BEST!! Spencer is adorable and I am so happy that you are keeping Kevin's spirit alive. Your letter made me cry but it's ok because I know how much you love Kev. Love you lots! Barbara